Dear Doctor Dekhao Users & Partner,

Doctor Dekhao would like to announce that there has been a change in company ownership.

In recent months several important events and decisions took place which could have an implication on Doctor Dekhao’s future growth potential. In order to achieve maximum development potential including providing the best possible services to Doctor Dekhao Users, Durbin HealthTech Limited has acquired 100% capital share of Doctor Dekhao from Dubin Labs Limited on 20th July 2021.

Due to strategic considerations, Durbin Labs Limited decided to transfer its entire share to Durbin HealthTech Limited, and fully abstain from management functions and ownership.

From now on Durbin HealthTech Limited pursues Doctor Dekhao’s operations independently from Durbin Labs Limited and the new shareholders will undertake the full responsibility for management of Doctor Dekhao.

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